Taproot Leadership Camp

Age: 12-17 years (see Age Guidelines)
Dates: Friday evening, May 29 through Saturday morning, June 6
Cost: $1075 (a deposit of $250 is required to reserve your Young Leader's spot)
Group Size: 18
Register for 2020 Taproot Leadership Camp

As always, please feel free to contact Zac with any questions at info@TaprootNatureExperience.org or 319.325.0695

Harvest Preserve in Iowa City will be our base. We'll camp there each night.

True to the Taproot philosophy, the camp will provide participants with time to relax and enjoy nature in structured and un-structured ways, in between rigorous training sessions in several areas. During TLC, campers will:
  --Take a full-day 1st Aid/CPR course and Red Cross Heartsaver certification.
  --Learn principles of Non-Violent Communication with an emphasis on working with younger children.
  --Gain courage, teamwork, and problem-solving skills on the UI High Adventure Challenge Course.
  --Do a day-long canoe/kayak trip on the Cedar River
  --Plan and prepare group meals and shop for food, being mindful of the impact of their spending choices.
  --Begin each day with guided relaxation, yoga, and mindfulness sessions.

Semi-structured campfire discussions will delve into topics such as what it means to be a leader and a friend, responding to peer pressure and bullying, making wise choices, and sustainability for teenagers.

We anticipate that some Junior Leaders from past years will return, lending their experience and wisdom to new campers, as well as deepening their own learning.

Taproot Leadership Camp has consistently been a life-changing experience for the participants. TLC gives kids tools to stay confident and courageous in the face of the increasing challenges of life as they grow older. They further develop their principles, as well as get to know better their authentic selves, and how to uphold high standards of integrity and commitment, leading to greater effectiveness, peace, and happiness in their own lives, as well as becoming excellent and trustworthy examples for their peers and young admirers. Check out photos from TLC 2019

Age Guidelines

All kids are unique, and our age parameters are flexible. We mostly trust parents to know if their child is ready for Taproot Leadership Camp.  Please feel free to call Zac to discuss your child’s individual situation.