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Zac Wedemeyer

Michele Thompson

Laura Max

Merit Bickner

Zac Wedemeyer

I am a life-long student and admirer of nature. I taught elementary school in Iowa City for six years before launching Taproot.  I have also taught at the University of Iowa Wildlife Camps and School of the Wild, and at Centaur Stables Pony Camp. I love exploring, prairie burning, hunting, fishing, shepherding, gardening, and being dad to my two daughters and son.

Michele Thompson

Humans have an innate connection with nature.  Each time we reignite that relationship, we thrive.  I am exceedingly grateful to be a part of Taproot, where I am immersed in nature daily alongside a loving community!

I like to start each of my weekdays by greeting the sunrise with a run, preferably in the woods or alongside a prairie. After my run, I enjoy a healthy breakfast and time with my husband, Aaron and our cats, Max and Lanolin.  I am then lucky enough to spend the bulk of my day playing outside and in different wonderful places throughout the week.

Day to day and season to season, the Taproot kids, teachers, and I watch the subtle rhythms of the earth as they transform.  We hear the first calls of the red-winged blackbird, the chorus of the spring peeper frogs, and witness the arrival of a shimmering flock of pelicans overhead.  We relish in the taste of fresh maple sap, morel mushrooms, and the earliest spring wild edibles.  In the summer, we hold prairie skinks, catch frogs, swim, and eat the bounty from the farms and gardens.  As it turns to fall, we discover the rubs and scrapes of the bucks, we enjoy the raw power of the wind, and watch the diversely colored leaves spiral to the ground.  We listen to the Canada geese honking in the rich sunsets and watch as the bald eagles congregate along the river, welcoming winter. We play in the snow and marvel at the beautiful ice and when it melts, we again greet the blackbird.  We find familiarity and newness in each of the patterns and are invigorated by the forces of nature both big and small.

At the end of each of my days outdoors, I feel great gratitude for having such a healthful and interesting experience and I owe a great deal of this gratitude to my strong relationship with nature and the kind children and adults that accompany me.

I am so pleased to have been working with Taproot since the spring of 2009. I went on a brief hiatus, living in Austin for nearly two years and teaching at Green Sprout Preschool.  While I was in Austin, I also obtained my Permaculture Design Certificate, which has served me well in my systems thinking and has guided my teaching. I returned to Taproot in the summer of 2012 and have been loving it full-time ever since.

During the school year, I teach the Sprouts in the morning and I also teach with the After School Program in the afternoon.  In the summer, I work and play with our Cambium Camp. 

I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Iowa and I feel deeply connected to my Iowan home.  I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to develop a strong sense of place and with each of my days at Taproot, I feel more and more connected to our home, to nature, and to myself.         

In addition to running, I enjoy cooking and gardening.  I strongly believe that the path to a happy and healthy life includes, time in nature, exercise, eating real food, a feeling of purpose, mindfulness, and connection with your community.  I am lucky enough to have a job, home, family, and friends that help me to attain all of these goals.

Most of my family lives in Iowa and because Aaron and I both grew up in the area, we have family and lifelong friends that live nearby.  We also have family in Colorado.  It is great having a sister and in-laws who live in Denver and Durango, both of which are awesome places to visit for hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing! In the evenings and on the weekends, I am happiest to harvest food from the garden, run or play outdoors, cook, and then relax with a good book.  Time with family and friends is always a huge plus too!

Taproot provides an outlet for kids to be themselves, to connect with one another and play in the richest of settings, the outdoors.  As teachers, we find countless teachable moments among our fun, relaxing, and minimally structured days.  Through play, storytelling, and observing nature together, we are able to impart lessons about kindness, mindfulness, and the interconnectedness of nature.  Nature is truly the best teacher!   I am so pleased to learn, teach, and grow with Taproot.

Laura Max


What brought you to working with children?  During summer breaks, I worked at a couple of summer camps--Camp Courageous and the MacBride Wildlife Camps. I always enjoyed being around kids. I love the way every child has their own unique personality that makes them special.

When did you begin teaching with Taproot? Fall of 2010

Where are you from?
Hickory, North Carolina

Tell about your family: Husband Todd, sons Quenton and Parker, dog Echo

What other cool things do you have going on in your life?
My dog, Echo, is a therapy dog. I enjoy taking her on visits and just watching her make people smile. I also spend a lot of time with my kids. And I love to go mountain biking, cross country skiing, and trail running every chance I can.

Why is Taproot important in our community? Children today, especially those who live in cities, don't get enough unstructured time outside. Taproot gives kids the opportunity to play in nature and develop their own connection and appreciation for the natural world.

What formative nature experiences did you have as a child? I grew up with a creek and woods in my backyard that was my favorite place to play. I never realized how lucky I was to have these Taproot-like experiences so readily available. My dad was a nature-lover too and took us hiking, rock hunting, sledding, and blackberry picking among other activities.

What is a favorite thing about Taproot?
I love the way every day and every experience in nature is different. You never know what you are going to find when you are outside exploring.

What is a favorite Taproot moment or memory? We just happened to be at Scattergood Farm when a cow was giving birth to a calf. That was a very memorable moment!

What is a favorite thing you've learned at Taproot? I have learned how to ice fish, tag monarch butterflies, and tap maple trees--all of which I did for the first time during Taproot.

Merit Bickner

What brought you to working with children? Growing up as a very different learner, I could always tell the difference between teachers who were just doing their job and empassioned, curious educators who managed to create a learning environment where children were allowed to pursue their innate interests. I started working with children in hopes of being able to foster a sense of autonomy and responsibility through aspects of child-lead education.

Where are you from? I was born and live on the North Side of Iowa City; I was lucky enough to go to Willowind and then Shimek as a young child, and graduated from City High in 2006.

Tell about your family: When I was young, my mother was traveling to do field work for her PhD; the artifacts and stories she brought home encouraged a natural curiosity in me that left me wanting to explore and adventure, just like my mom. My parents' views on child-direction were very affected by growing up in small rural towns, and they let me explore natural areas around my house without interruption.

What other cool things do you have going on in your life? In 2014, I co-founded and directed Girls Rock! Iowa City, a non-profit call that seeks to empower girls 8-16 through music education and performance. The community's response has been amazing, and we're excited to grow our programming in 2015!

Why is Taproot important in our community? As we move forward technologically in the 21st century, kids are increasingly bombarded with screens and advertising that seek to shape the way they think and feel-- necessitating outdoor experiences where kids can pursue their interests and ambitions in an unaffected environment. Outdoor play fosters imagination and independence in a way that can't be replicated by technology.

What other experiences do you have in working with children? I've done just about everything! I worked at Lemme for 6 years, and in the preschool at Horace Mann for two years. I spent two awesome years at The Kirkwood School for Kids (Tim's House) and am now enjoying being a nanny-- I can let my toddler direct her day and experiences around town, and it is so awesome to watch someone grow up!

What is a favorite local natural spot? The ravines by Shimek School hold a very special place in my heart; I owe most the scrapes, scars, and bumps I've acquired in my life to many wonderful days spent down there as a kid. Palisades-Kepler State Park is a near second.

What is a favorite thing you've learned from time in nature, particularly with children? As adults, we explain a lot of things to ourselves based on assumptions without bothering to question-- really, why is the sky blue? How does a bird make an egg? Often, it takes a child's question to realize you need to look at something in a new way to figure out what it's really all about.