Taproot Nature Experience


Taproot's mission is to foster a generation of people who know, love, enjoy, and actively care for our earth and all of its citizens.

Taproot Kids are superheros, and Taproot is a superhero training camp!

COVID-19 Update March 19, 2020

It's the official First Day of Spring, and actual spring is coming regardless of whether we humans have the emotional bandwidth to celebrate or even notice. All Taproot programs have been closed at least until April 13 to reflect the actions of the ICCSD, and it looks almost certain that the closure will extend to the end of the school year, possibly beyond.

Of course, we are concerned about keeping Taproot alive through this crisis, when it sounds like so many small businesses are in danger of going under. The more important concern is keeping people alive and well. We will continue to pay our amazing Taproot Teachers their normal wages at least through the end of the academic year, and hopefully we will be able to minimize expenditures and be ready to start up again when the time comes. Many of you have pre-paid for camp, and obviously that will be an issue if any summer camps end up being cancelled.

We believe in the importance of being connected to nature, and we hope that you will continue to get outside, walk in the woods, dig in the garden, climb trees, play in the creek, and do other outdoor stuff, even as you're self-isolating. Thankfully, all these things are still OK as long as we stay clear of others. 

Finally, many of our Taproot Parents are nurses, doctors, and other medical care providers. You are our superheros, now more than ever. As you already know, the coming weeks and months are going to be harder than anything most of us have ever experienced. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We are grateful.