Taproot Farm
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

— Albert Einstein

The Taproot Farm is located in rural Iowa County, approximately 30 miles west of Iowa City. Tucked away in the rolling hills overlooking the English River Valley, the Taproot Farm is 80 acres of prairie, pasture, orchard, and gardens dedicated to native species, heirloom plants and heritage breed livestock. We are in our fourth year with this land, and are working to convert it to a sustainably managed, intensively grazed, polyculture farm. We have been busy these years with prairie burns, seeding with local ecotype, planting cover crops, amending soil, making compost, fixing fence, managing invasives, establishing beds, planting hundreds of trees, and getting to know our land.

Our ten-year goal is to have a farm that can supply forty families a year with food, including: honey, beef, pork, chicken, fish, lamb, milk, butter, cream, cheeses, eggs, breads, fresh and canned vegetables, fresh and canned fruit, nuts, and flowers. We believe that sustainability requires a safe, diverse, local food supply, and that small, independent farmers are critically important in freeing communities from the current unsafe and unhealthy foodstuffs that fill the average grocery store. To this end, we work with a rich tapestry of local farmers to buy our Taproot goods, and grow our farming enterprise. Whenever possible, we have secured local seed and animals. Please visit the affiliates page to see our sources.